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CharcoalsSouthern Gas Somalia, SGS for short, offers reliable and affordable modern energy solutions to our domestic consumers and businesses across Somalia. Our unique LP Gas business model is a remedy to avert and minimize the heavy reliance on traditional wood fuels as the only available fuel energy to cook with and convert to renewable and clean energy sources with SGS Company. The need to secure modern cooking fuels such as LP gas is critical to finding solution to Somalia’s environmental issues and the continuous logging, burning of charcoal and firewood. A study by the United Nations estimates about 14 percent of Somalia was covered with woodland, and that figure may now be as low as 4 percent. It’s difficult to imagine the extend of environmental devastation taking place in Somalia and particularly in the south, where much of the charcoal trees “the acacia groves” known “qurac” to the locals, are located. Please, read below briefly some of the articles and studies published about Somalia’s deforestation and the need for cooking fuel.

“It’s estimated that each Somali household consumes an average of 10 trees per month”.

“This inter-riverine area, Juba and Shabelle rivers, takes a heavy toll on the acacia forests of southern Somalia as traders clear-cut entire swaths of forest for shipment. Somalis who rely on the acacia forests for their livelihood will see their opportunities for supplementing their income decrease, as forests shrink and dies out, desertification hurts farming, and the eventual destruction of the acacia groves affect their grazing land and farming. Considering this extensive use of trees, the serious affects of deforestation should be noted. Deforestation not only exacerbates soil erosion, it also reduces rainfall availability. In addition, trees are a vital component in carbon fixing, which is the natural process of reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Unfortunately, as forests become sparser and population continues to grow, the demand for charcoal energy increases. With charcoal supplies shrinking, the cost of fuel for domestic use will also continue to rise, thus raising the cost of living for every Somali family”.

A message from the CEO,

Abdikarim Arif Gassim

With the emergence of SGS, we recognize the importance of conserving Somalia’s precious natural resources, and that we have responsibility to our country, our people and to our communities in which we operate that our business actions have direct impact on sustaining and protecting Somalia’s trees, forestry and environment.

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